Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Back In the Saddle

I have a hunch I've probably used that title before. Anyway, I got back into the sewing room last night. I want to start on a pair of jeans using Angela Wolf's Angel Bootcut jean pattern, but she recommends prewashing and drying the fabric at least twice. I have some blue denim as well as some black denim in the stash that have been prewashed once, so I got them into the washing machine. I'm not sure if I am going to have enough fabric. The Wolf jeans calls for 2.75 meters. I only have 2.3 meters. I'm not sure why the difference. At first I thought this was because I bought according to the fabric requirements for Vogue 1204 but I just looked that up and that one calls for 2.6 meters. Maybe I did buy more but it just shrank that much in the first prewash?

*(Oh wait, I just looked up my other jeans pattern, McCalls 6610 (which I haven't made yet), and it calls for 2.3 meters. That explains why I ran short on fabric making my first version of Vogue 1204. I ended up having to add a centre back seam to the waistband to make it work. I must have had 2.3 meters of that fabric too.)

Anyway, Mom says that there is a members 50% off sale coming up at the fabric store so I need to get this laid out to see if I need to buy more fabric. I'm going to make the black pair first so that I can focus on the fit since this is the first time using this pattern. Then I can move on to the blue pair where I will try some of the distressing techniques.

While I was waiting for the denim to wash I made a couple more versions of, you guessed it, New Look 6735. I wanted a few more 3/4 sleeve versions and have some nice winter-weight fabric in the stash. That jewel-toned one is gorgeous! To add a little variety to my wardrobe I altered the back of the neckline a bit by scooping it out. I was at Costco the other day and the clerk had on an elbow-lengh sleeved tee with a deep back scoop matching the front scoop. I thought it was really cute but didn't want to go quite that deep, so I only scooped it 2" below the normal cutting line. I have to say I'm happy with the results. This may call for some more experimentation.

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