Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Vogue 8669 & New Look 6735 Mashup

Vogue 8669 & New Look 6735

Nothing for three weeks and then you get two posts in one day.

After yesterday's success I was really excited to experiment a little more with tee necklines.  I have quite a few knit top patterns I haven't tried yet, mainly because every time I try a new one I decide I don't like it as much as my basic New Look 6735.  I guess I'm just a basic tee girl at heart.  I have Vogue 8669 in my pattern stash waiting to be test driven, but I am not in love with it.  As much as I like a nice cowl neck this one seems a little frumpy to me.  The tee is a loose fitting top with a very shallow cowl.  I've seen a number of interpretations online and haven't fallen in love with any of them - they just aren't my style.  When looking into cowl necks I found this tutorial from Threads Magazine but I'm a little bit leery of starting from scratch.  In the end I decided to take my TNT NL6735 and frankenpattern it with the Vogue 8669.

NOTE: I have updated the post to include pics of the pattern adjustments.

I took the pattern piece for the front of V8669 and lined up the fold edge with the edge of my tracing paper.  Based on the Threads tutorial I took a tape measure and decided I wanted a 20" drop from shoulder to shoulder for the cowl, which meant I wanted a 10" wide span (plus seam allowance) on the top of the pattern piece.  I marked the corner of the bottom of the sleeve opening as a pivot point.

I then pivoted the pattern until the neck side of the shoulder seam was 10 5/8" from the fold line.  Then I traced the top of the pattern from the underarm up.  Once I had the neck edge of the shoulder point marked I drafted a straight line perpendicular to the fold line.  I then swapped pattern pieces for the front piece of NL6735 and traced the lower portion of the pattern.  I also scooped out the back neckline of NL6735 as I had done yesterday, but I went a little bit more daring this time, I think 3".

What you see above is the result.  The fabric pattern makes it hard to see the detail but it is really pretty in real life.  It has a nice soft cowl that is not too revealing but is not as conservative as the pattern version.  The rest of the tee fits as a fitted tee, something I have not been seeing in cowl patterns.

So - what do you think?

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Mave said...

Glad to see something for you. Beautiful. I love the drape of the front. looking forward to seeing the jeans.