Friday, August 04, 2017

A "Catch-Up" Post

I can't believe we are in August already!  Where does the time go?  I know I've been spending a lot of it in my sewing room.  Unfortunately I have fallen far behind in blogging about it, so I will try and do a bit of a catch-up today.

Some time maybe last year I made this sleeveless version of Vogue 8815 out of a stretch cotton weave.  I lengthened the bodice by 1" but still I still felt that the waist was too high.  It is supposed to sit 1" above the waist.  I also felt that it was too loose and not very flattering.  I finally realized one of the problems was that I was wearing it with the wrong type of pant.  A peplum top needs to be worn with a very narrow bottom such as leggings or a pegged skirt.  I wore it with black leggings and it looked pretty good, although I still wasn't really feeling the love.  I then took it in about 3/4" on each side and suddenly it went from ok to amazing!  A peplum top must have a close fit to look its best.  I have enough fabric left over to make a skirt, and I'm thinking I'll peg it.

Once I figured out that this top can look amazing I got very excited, thinking that this top *could* work in a knit.  I have two pairs of plaid leggings that I am always on the hunt for appropriate solid tops to wear with, and I have both black ponte and light brown ponte that I think would make cute peplum tops.  But of course I got sidetracked; on my way to finding those fabrics I found the leftover white ponte from another project and decided that would be good to use for a muslin.  I cut it out to the original size 14 just to make sure I would be able to pull it on and off because I eliminated the zipper.  That worked fine so I took it in the same as I did to the stretch cotton one.  I also moved my dart points down an inch as they are too high in the first version (fortunately the busy pattern hides that).  I was so happy with the final result that I then grabbed some red knit jersey from the stash and made one to wear with my red plaid leggings!   How many peplum tops does one person need, anyway?  Because I still want to make the black and light brown ones! lol

The next project is Butterick 5493.  This pattern is written for stretch wovens or crepe.  The fabric I used (rayon maybe?) has zero stretch, but to be honest there is enough ease in this top that I don't think it matters.  I was using this pattern and fabric because I wanted to experiment with cutting on the bias.  This top drapes beautifully!  I usually wear my clothes more fitted but this looks really good on.  Instead of turning under the hem I did a serged rolled hem.  I did the same on the cowl.

I then gave it another go with some crepe.  I left off the cowl and rounded the vee neckline.  This time I decided to size it down to a 12 from my usual 14.  I did this by just taking it in at the sides.  Big mistake.  I can still wear it but I completely screwed up the shape of the armholes.  Then I tried to fix that but I didn't do a very good job.  I can get away with it because it's not as obvious on me as it is on Gertrude here but still I kick myself because I should have known better.  I wanted this top to go with my green/fuchsia tiered skirt.  I think it looks great with it!  If I make it again I will recut a 12 from the original pattern rather than cutting from the sides of the 14.

 That's all you get for today, I don't want to spoil you.  I still have to tell you about hats and a Luterloh pattern review.  Happy sewing!

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