Monday, August 07, 2017

Lutterloh 285 66 - Second Try

Lutterloh 285 66

 I wrote last week about trying out the Lutterloh system, and the fitting problems I had because I took my measurements incorrectly.  I have redrawn the pattern using my correct measurements this time, and the top looks and fits very much like the pattern drawing.  I had to lower the waist 1 3/4" and raise the bust dart 1 1/2".  Other than that the pattern gave me just what I expected from the pattern pic; size for size at the bust, 3" of ease at the waist and 1" ease at the hip.

Can you see the facing through the fabric?  Yeah, that had to go.
I tried making facings this time as the pattern calls for rather than banding as I did with the dark blue version.  I serged the raw edge just to help keep it smooth and flat because I was using such a lightweight knit, but as it turns out the facing was obvious through the lightweight fabric so I ended up sewing a second row of topstitching and then clipping the facing close to that stitching.  I don't know if the intent of the facings is to add some structure to the garment, and therefore should it also have interfacing?  That may work for a heavier knit, but just looks wrong in the really lightweight knit that I used here.  Of course there are no instructions with Lutterloh.  If I make this pattern again or another for a knit top with facings I think I will eliminate the facings and sew a single thickness band, without stretching it, to the seam allowance, fold it under and coverstitch it.  Done.

I'm quite happy with the style of the top, and was pleasantly surprised to find it is something I can wear with leggings.  And I'm happy enough with the system that I've ordered a couple of recent pattern supplements.  I love the idea that I can trace out a pattern for myself and then use the same template to make a pattern for my daughter using her measurements.  I am a Lutterloh convert!

Holding my coffee because I don't know how to pose!


Ann in Calif. said...

This version looks almost identical to the pattern pic! So glad you figured out the error. Now you see why so many folks love their Lutterloh patterns!

Jacqui said...

Thanks Ann! I am excited to get on to the next Lutterloh project.