Sunday, October 30, 2005

The "Fixed" Cardigan

This is the before shot taken last year. The sweater is way too short and loose in the waist (which explains why I'm holding it in).
So I added 2" in the front but 2" was not enough in the back, so I added another 2" in shortrows (a scathingly brilliant idea if I say so myself!) for a total of 4". Then I reknit the ribbing on smaller needles this time. Check out the "after" pic; I'll actually wear it now! ;) Thanks for frogging the ribbing for me Mom!


Areli said...

Excellent job on your sweater, your short rows are such a great solution, your after version looks so good.

bitterknitter said...

Your sweater looks so good now, it is very flattering. How sweet of your mom to help out with the frogging!

Jacqui said...

Thanks! I'm just glad I now have a sweater I can wear. I have enough projects that turn out "not-quite-right".