Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Solid Socks Sock-Along

But first a word from our sponsors. My girlfriends took me out for my birthday tonight and spoiled me rotten, including getting me "The Cool Girls Guide to Knitting". Do I not have the best friends in the whole world? This adds to my blossoming knitting library that Mom started for me the other week.

Now back to our regularly scheduled program- ming. I've joined another "Along" with the Solid Socks Sock-Along (button on the sidebar). I've chosen a skein of Briggs and Little Sport sock-weight wool in light green out of my stash. I'm getting better at this de-stashing thing! ;) I haven't made up my mind about the pattern yet, but it'll probably be either a basic rib or else the lacey pattern I did on my last two pairs.


Impossible Princess said...

I have a cool girls quide to knitting is such a cute book dont you think.

Jacqui said...

I'm enjoying the book too, IP. Just started getting into it last night.

JustApril said...

hey solid sock-along-er:
we'll have to check out the book, too. we're doing a basic sock pattern-->( first timers):) the sock im dreaming about doing when im an 'accomplished' sock knitter, has cables. look forward to seeing your work.
Mica & April