Friday, December 16, 2005

Holy Snow, Batman!

Can you believe this? It's not even Christmas yet. This isn't North Bay, it's Windsor for Pete's sake. (and just who the heck is Pete, anyway?) We're supposed to be the sunbelt of Canada. You know, "down south". Just look at all that snow. And this is the winter that I said I'm not putting the sleds (that's snowmobiles for all you non-snowmobilers) on the trail. But do you notice the nice clean edges on that snow? That would be because of my new toy, the snowblower. About time I broke down and bought me one of those babies.

So while I've been working on the Christmas knitting I was thinking that I'm going to get stoned (as in hit with stones, not smoking pot; sheesh!) when people see what little knitting there actually is. All this talking about knitting you'd think I'd have a whole wardrobe knit up here, and I'm going to be a little embarrassed when you all say "what, that's it?!" when the post Xmas pics finally show up here. Especially when I see people like Wendy who seem to put out beautiful sweaters in no time at all (on tiny needles no less).

Now let's not forget that I'm a single Mom of two teens, who has to do the full-time work thing, and the chauffeuring said teens to school/work/court appearances extracurricular activities, and so on. (are you feeling sorry for me yet? No? Damn, I'll have to try harder!) So yes, the knitting has been coming along, just not as much as you'd think. But not today. Today I've been busy painting the wall in the stairwell where I had to patch where "someone" managed to pull the handrail off the wall. And I cleaned out the closet in the laundry room; no small feat, I can tell you. I had coats in there from when G*d was a boy, not to mention a burned out statelite system and other (read 4 garbage bags full) useless garbage I tend to hang onto "just in case". And I even managed to change the light fixture in the closet with the broken chain with the new light fixture I bought maybe three years ago without electrocuting myself. No procrastination here; no sir. But that all means guilt free knitting later tonight! Woohoo!

Rocky wants to know what a bird has to do to get his pic posted around here. He's seen the furbabies on the screen and frankly he's a little jealous, so humour him for me.


Anonymous said...

sounds like a full day at the ranch! The glazed nut recipe is sooo easy:
4c toasted nuts
3tbsp butter
3/4 c splenda
3 tsp pumpkin pie spice

melt the butter and mix in the dry ingredients... mix in the nuts... put in a crock pot on low for 2 hours stirring occaisionally.
They are so good!!

Areli said...

Busy lady! You got a lot accomplished. Say hello to Rocky for me.

JustApril said...

DOWN South, eh? That's hilarious. Sunny South Canada - just north of the coldest parts of the US ahahahaha - It just cracks me up - although I know it's true, that anyone so far North of OUR SOUTH can be also in the the SOUTH. I think I need more coffee. It hardly snows here at all. Here in NORTH Texas. LOL

Jacqui said...

I'm actually a stone's throw from Detroit; literally! Well, ok, if I didn't throw like a girl. But you've inspired my next posting; thanks! ;)