Wednesday, December 07, 2005

A Visit to Romni Wools

I was up in Toronto last week for CAW Council, and decided to visit one of the country's largest yarn shops; Romni Wools. I did my homework online before leaving Windsor and apparently it's only 5 short blocks from the hotel! Well, at least I thought it was only 5 short blocks. Apparently just because the street address is only 500 higher than the hotel doesn't make it a "short walk"; it was a brisk 10-15 minutes - brisk because I was trying to get there before they closed. Then as I walk up to the door to enter "Nirvana" I notice a little hand written sign on the door; "Closed for inventory - Dec 1". Aaarrrggghhh! SO went in to see if they would let me in anyway, and I'm not too sure exactly what they said in return, but he was not a happy camper when he came out again. (I wisely stood outside out of the way to peer in the windows!) We did get a fabulous dinner of raw oysters and arctic char at Rodney's (or is it Big Daddy's?!) Crab Shack and Oyster Bar; a must whenever we get to Toronto.

So when we wrapped up business on Friday I was ready; I took a cab this time! And after all this ordeal? I wasn't impressed. Maybe my expectations were too high. I found the prices at least as high if not higher than the LYS's at home. There was a sale room of mostly coned yarns, but I didn't find things labeled very well and it was hard to determine what was what. There was a great deal of yarn there, a huge inventory. But I didn't see anything that made me need to buy it. The yarns were labeled with price written in marker on a piece of masking tape on the bins, but many of them were worn and torn and hard to decipher. I did finally buy a couple of balls of brown varigated sock yarn (which I had to correct them on the price), but that's it. Definitely a letdown! I guess I got spoiled at the Spinrite Tent sale in Listowel a couple of summers ago.


Areli said...

Oh, that's disappointing. I always eagerly anticipate visits to a new yarn store, but sometimes it really doesn't live up to what you are expecting. Then again sometimes it more than delivers so I just have to keep checking them out.

Anonymous said...

that's a bummer! I hate to be disappointed by a yarn store! I have to say that I love my LYS!