Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Over the finish line!

That's it! The Christmas knitting is officially DONE! Of course I haven't done any wrapping yet, or even finished the shopping for that matter. But now I get to knit for me; woohoo! ;)

So I whipped up this hat. I needed a hat because a) I live in Canada where owning a hat is mandatory by law and b) because it's been really cold out this last week. I guess it's not that I didn't have a hat already, it's just that the hats I own aren't very flattering, to the point I'd rather freeze my ears off. Then comes the rolled brim hat. I've never had a rolled brim hat before. Never even tried one on. But can I say that I love this style of hat? I find the rolled brim very flattering compared to the "usual" hats I get with ribbing that just looks wierd on me. All hail the rolled brim! Of course DD says it's ugly and made fun of me, to which I had a not-very-nice reply that I won't post here. What do 17yo's know, anyhow!

Now I'm off to make a matching scarf.


Pattern: from The Knitter's Book of Patterns
Yarn: from my stash (wooohoo; a stashbuster! :) ), leftover from The Bulky Cardigan that I bought at the Spinrite tent sale as an unmarked unknown yarn (but I think it's Bernat's Solo)
Scarf: I've tried a few different stitch patterns, but I haven't liked any of them so far. I think I'll go with k2p2 ribbing.

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Anonymous said...

Nice hat Jacqui!
I am finishing sox that are a present to give...TODAY! Then... all done Christmas knitting. Have a happy xmas!