Saturday, December 17, 2005

Where you at?

A comment on yesterday's post by April has inspired me to post on "where I'm at". Where Windsor is in relation to our north american geography is sometimes a little surprising, even to me! On the map I'm at the little circle the arrow is pointing to (at the bottom of Michigan). So what this means:

I'm at the same latitude as northern California or Des Moines Iowa.
I'm south of at least 16 U.S. states.
I'm probably 750 miles south of London England (where I was born).
I'm literally a stone's throw from Detroit (which has some great restaurants!). Mmmm. Like Greektown. Or Mexican Village. Ok, school's out. Now I have to head over there for supper tonight.

In knitty news, I was up until 3:00am working on one of my Christmas projects, I finished up another one this morning and by George (and who's George now?!) I'm pretty much ALL DONE my Christmas knitting! Now I do have someone I thought about knitting something for but didn't know if I'd have time, so I'll have to see if I can come up with an idea. (and I'm open to suggestions here!) She doesn't like wool, so I think socks are out. I did knit myself a pair out of acrylic sock yarn but now that I've worn my wool ones the acrylic ones beg the question "Why?" Maybe if I can find something really really soft I can make her a scarf she'd actually wear. Hmmm. We'll see.


Areli said...

Congrats on being done the Christmas knitting! I think if you want to whip up another gift a hat or scarf are always nice and appreciated.

Anonymous said...

the mountain colors wildfoote is so soft that she would never even guess it is wool. I am knitting a pair right now for a present and am having a hard time not wanting them to be my own!

JustApril said...

Thanks for the comment and honorble mention in your post! =) I hope my kiddos stay interested in knitting. Especially my DS - since it will probably be "NOT COOL" according to at least one peer eventually.

JustApril said...

So I should REALLY read the whole thing before I comment, right? hahahaha! I always forget that area is part of Canada for some reason. So, I was actually born NORTH of your area. (Minneapolis) I was relatively near your area when I was in Minnesota a few weeks ago. weird - So, since International Falls, MN is reportedly the coldest spot - you are South of the coldest part of the US. I stand corrected! =)*) I really ought to go to Canada one of these days!