Thursday, June 01, 2006

Another New Bathroom

You just can't beat the feeling of work being done in the house; especially when you're not the one doing it. Ok, so I had to hire these guys but just leave me in my dreamworld for awhile, won't you?

The upstairs bathroom is next in line for a "makeover". The old robin's egg blue tile from the '60's that I can't get clean and the icky bathtub that's lost it's finish need to go, but I can't put in one of those nice all-in-one units because you can't cut out for the window. That means I have to deal with tile again. OR; just call Bath Fitter! This is the company that makes a cover and surround to go over your existing bathtub and tile and they can cut out for a window. Not to mention they're the ones doing all the labour, not me. Beautiful!

Now I'd normally be worried that it's a gimmick, that it won't stand up, that I'll regret taking the "easy road". But a very good friend of mine had this done over five years ago and her's still looks brand new. Check out the nice corner shelves; no more ceramic soap dish to pull out of the wall. And what about that beautiful drain! Yes, I know, I don't get out much.
And what do you think of those new shower doors? I have to keep going back in there to have another look. But the best thing is I'm sitting here on the computer, ready to do some work on my poor neglected Vogue shawl, and the work is all done. Priceless!


Sharon said...

I love bathroom and kitchen renovations, they just make a world of difference to homes.

I love the shower doors!!

knitty_kat said...

is that your bathroon or your friends's?

My Mum had this done at her place as well, it is a very good investment. I highly recommend getting one of the Mr. Clean sponge thingies. . .works wonders to clean the tub!