Sunday, June 11, 2006

The Sisterhood Garden

After three terms as chairperson of our local union's women's committee I decided to step down and let someone else run the show for awhile. You can't find a better group of women anywhere, and the sisters bought me a bouquet of flowers as a "thanks" and gave me a gift certificate for my favourite store in the whole wide world, Canadian Tire. Well I wasn't sure what to do with this certificate. I didn't want to just get regular old household stuff, I wanted it to be something more meaningful since it's a gift and all. I didn't have any must-have tools on my list not already in my garage at the moment so I just sat on it waiting for the right thing to show up. Then the weather warmed up.

I had the scathingly brilliant idea to buy flowers with the certificate and fill my yard with them. Now as I enjoy my backyard all season long I'll think of my sister's and how beautiful they are.

I have great knitting news; I found two more balls of yarn for the Vogue shawl that had been hiding on me. Fortunately I hadn't ripped it yet, I think I'd be committing hari kari with a pair of 6mm straights if I ripped out all that work and then found the extra yarn.

But I did start on Clapotis with the Hand Painted Yarn laceweight anyway. I don't have enough stitch markers (I think I'll need about 18 of them) so I'm using coloured paperclips as I've seen others do, but they keep getting tangled (maybe because the yarn's so thin?). I need a better solution if someone's got one.


Dipsy said...

I can't believe how gorgeous your garden is, it's a small paradise indeed - just perfect to sit there knitting, isn't it?
Great news that you found more yarn and can continue working on the Vogue shawl - I'm really looking forward to seeing progress pics of it as well as of Clapotis! Happy knitting!

LB said...

Stunning garden! I really like the girl reading next to knitting.

Thank you so much for your comment on my blog, your words of wisdom are very appreciated, and it's really nice to read other similiar situations.

amanda j said...

A wise woman (2paw) once told me that rather than using stitch markers she purled the stitch that will be dropped, so you can keep track of it that way. I guess you would have to be watching but I think the rhythm would kick in and this could work.

Shannon said...

Beautiful garden. I am glad that you used the gc to build something that you will be able to enjoy all the time. Happy knitting by the flowers. Take care of yourself and see you soon. Shannon

JustApril said...

What a great idea! Like a perpetual bouquet of flowers from them. How poignant **teary** aaaawww

Sharon said...

What a lovely reminder of your 'sisters' everytime you step outside in your lovely garden.

Clapotis stitch markers?? You could also tie a piece of coloured yarn???

Areli said...

Your garden is beautiful, a wonderful way to remember your friends.

Your daughter, in the post below, is just glowing. You must be proud as can be :-)