Monday, June 26, 2006

What's keeping me busy?

Well it's not my knitting. Although I'd like to thank Amanda j for her suggestion about purling the dropped stitches in clapotis; that's speeded things up immensely. Not to say I've got much more done on it, but I'm on the right track anyway.

In other knitty news there's suddenly lots of hits on my Diced Tomatoes page; I usually get 5 or 10, this week there's been over 300. What the heck happened there?! Well with a little detective work it turns out the page has been linked from a free pattern site. How cool is that?!

Anyway the reason there's been such little knitting is because a) I've been busy trying to "deal" with my 15yo DS who has a birthday in a few days but might not live to see 16 if he keeps it up;

b) my ferns are suffering from sunburn and my Peeping Tom neighbours over the back have a clear shot of my pool from their kitchen window, so I spent the weekend building a triangular arbour to give shade/privacy;

and c) may I present the Binford 9000! This is the latest toy; this bad boy has 85,000 btu, a searing burner and a rear burner for the rotiserie. I've wanted a "good" bbq for a very long time and that time has finally come. I had to swap out a bunch of stuff to convert it from propane to natural gas, then I took it for a test drive tonight and I didn't even blow anything up! Woohoo! And we had the best pork and onion burgers, baked potatoes and roasted red peppers I've ever had. Sometimes you just have to make the most of the simple pleasures.

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Sharon said...

That is one awesome bbq, I want one!!