Thursday, December 12, 2013

Roman Shades

I promised in an earlier post to post pics of my roman blinds. After the t-shirt disasters I needed something positive to post, and these blinds definitely qualify.

I've lived here for twelve years and never put any window dressings in my kitchen. I didn't want to do regular curtains which could come across as bulky in my smallish kitchen. I have had mini blinds in other kitchens and they end up all caked in grease and dirt and are so hard to clean. So I just left those two windows bare. I figured it is good to see what is going on outside, and it let in all the light.

Then this summer I was looking at the fabric rolled blinds my sister-in-law made for her kitchen window at her cottage, and I fell in love. I decided to go with roman shades instead of ones that you hand roll and tie up. I used 1"x2" pine for the header and stapled the finished blind to it, then used small metal brackets to mount them in the window frame. I initially just tacked the wooden dowels on by hand as recommended on this website but found they did not look very neat or professional when I did it. It was definitely worthwhile to me to get the proper casing for the dowels from the fabric store.

I love the neat fit of these shades as opposed to regular curtains flapping about. I love the warm cozy feeling of fabric in the windows as opposed to mini blinds. I love the bright splash of colour in my kitchen. I love how easily they open and close. I am in love with my shades :)


Unknown said...

your Roman shade looks very nice. Trying to make them right now. i glued the dowels to the fabric and when it dried you could see it on the outside of the shade. looking for alternate ways of doing the dowels. I will look at your blog for your pattern.

Jacqui said...

I just found this website that shows the same dowel tubing as I used.