Saturday, July 12, 2014

A Fitted Cardigan and Sleeveless Tee - Modified New Look 6735

The busy pattern of the fabric makes it hard to see the details of this outfit, but trust me when I say that it looks fabulous in real life.  I have wanted to replicate Angela Wolf's twin sets but haven't been able to find a pattern for a cardigan that fits like hers. Jalie has a couple but one has huge built in pockets and the other has pleats.  I just want clean lines.  Angela says she is hoping to release a pattern at some point but I am too impatient to wait so I came up with my own.  Or rather, I modified New Look 6735.

I used the tee pattern (a tried and true pattern for me) for the sleeveless top and cut off the 5/8" seam allowances at the sleeve openings.  I then took off a further 5/8" from the top half of the sleeve openings.  I finished them with banding the same as the neckline.

The cardigan in this pattern is pretty big and mostly shapeless, using a belt to bring it in at the waist.  The sleeves are a bit wider than I wanted, presumably to accommodate sleeves underneath.  I can see a need for this pattern in a heavier fabric for warmth, but I was looking for a twin set look using a thin knit.  I want the sleeves to fit well enough that I can push them up to my elbows and they stay put, and I want a sleek silhouette.  I think I have succeeded and ended up with a definitely wearable muslin.

I didn't use the belt or buttons but left the front to hang straight.  I assembled the shoulder seams and the front plackets and then basted the seam lines for the sleeves and bodice sides.  After trying it on and pinning I decided to make my new seam allowances 1 1/2" rather than 5/8".  I also added contouring from the pattern piece for the tee.  The result?  I am loving it!  It is exactly what I was looking for.  Go me!

Worn over New Look 6940
I was so happy with this cardigan that I had to make another out of the beige knit from my online fabric order.  It is easier to seen the lines on this one.  I can see this cardigan getting a lot of use.  Not only does it present a long, sleek look but it hides a wealth of sins - that show up as middle aged spread lol.

While this cardigan was intended to be worn over a sleeveless top or dress, it works just fine with the cap sleeves of the tees I have made from this pattern (version on left), and it can even pass with the 3/4 sleeve (version on right) although there is a bit of bulk there.

And look!  Now I have something to wear with my graduation dress! This one is definitely a keeper.


Nothy Lane said...

Very nice work. It's wonderful to have TNT patterns. I love the alterations you've made.

Jacqui said...

Thank you!

Susan Fogel said...

Very nicely done.

Jacqui said...

Thanks Susan :)