Thursday, July 24, 2014


I'm not very happy with two recent tops I've made. Both of them have bust details and both of them look a little... frumpy. When comparing them to my standard tee they definitely left something to be desired. If I can't feel good wearing them I won't wear them. So I pulled out my pattern for NL6735 and started hacking away.

First I decided to have at
New Look 6940.  I began by taking in the sides to match 6735 which meant taking it in by more than an inch each side for a total of 4".  This really helped keep the empire seam where it is supposed to be instead of it riding up.  Then I shortened it by about 4".  I probably should have only chopped off 3" but it's done now and I can live with it.  I think it is much better proportioned.

Then, feeling inspired, I decided to take New Look 6977 in an inch each side, again for a total of 4".  And again, the bust gathers seem to sit better without riding up so much.  Not to mention that I was able to get rid of that nasty underarm bump from trying to fit the sleeve better.  So it seems to me that in order to make these bust features work the tees need to be quite fitted.  Not to mention that I think a fitted tee is more flattering on me.  So hopefully I will get more wear out of these two tops now that I don't feel quite so - frumpy!

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Mave said...

6799 Looks so much better. Time well spent.