Wednesday, July 23, 2014

New Look 6940

Alternative post title: "I Should Learn to Listen to My Mother"

Not the most flattering top I've made
I've made New Look 6940 before although I didn't blog it. Previously I made version B (shown here under the cardigan) which is quite flattering, but wanted to give view C a try with its horizontal and vertical gathers at the bust. Mom thought it looked frumpy. I thought it was a cute little summer top. What could go wrong?

I guess the first problem is a fitting problem. It seems that tops with a detail focus at the bustline generally are too short on me. This is a perfect example; if I'm not constantly pulling it down the top rides up over my bust as it's starting to here. The second problem is that the soft draping on the front that I thought would be good to hide my tummy ended up just looking - oh, I don't know, frumpy?

About the only redeeming quality of this top is the centre seam in the back that gives a nice shape in spite of the loose front.

So I don't know. It looks cute on other versions I've seen but the best feeling I can muster up for it is "meh". I definitely feel I look better in a more fitted tee.

It's not too bad under a cardigan. I may try adding some sleeves to see if that improves it. Otherwise this one goes into the pile of "lessons learned". Sigh.

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