Wednesday, July 30, 2014

McCalls 6966

Mallory helping with sorting the pattern pieces
 I haven't been much of a skirt or dress girl for many years.  I work six days a week in a strictly jeans environment, even though I occasionally go all out with a pair of cargo pants.  Then I generally tend to continue the jeans theme or even jammies on my day off.  So I have to say that I was really glad to see skirts and dresses coming back into style, and have been determined to wear them more this year - even if it is just to the grocery store.
Mallory holding things down in case of a sudden strong wind
I really like the maxi trend and was very happy to see it being worn locally.  McCalls 6966 seemed to fit the bill for a casual maxi with some interest.  It is a pretty basic skirt to put together. I bought a basic polyester striped knit, cheap and cheerful.  The problem for me is that the pattern pieces are so big that I initially laid it out on the floor.  My arthritis soon put up a major argument to that plan, so I then tried to manipulate it one piece at a time on my cutting table.

I used my quilting ruler to align the grainline of the pattern 90 degrees to the stripes on the fabric.  I didn't spend a lot of time trying to match up my chevrons.  The only place to do this was at the side seams because the angle is off to do it on the blocked pieces.

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All in all I am very happy with this skirt. I feel very feminine and comfortable in it. It is perfect for sitting in the sunroom, hanging by the pool or going to the grocery store or Costco. I haven't hemmed it yet because I know it will stretch. I had to recut the waistband by about 8" because it stretched so badly when I serged the top seam. Click on the pic to get a better view of the skinny stripes.

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Mavis Minney said...

Looks really good, it drapes well. Glad to see you are getting lots of help. At least Thor can't climb on your cutting table but I expect he could been some help if you continued on the floor. lol