Saturday, July 12, 2014

Online Fabric Shopping

Edited July 16, 2014:  
My credit card refund was process the other day and today I received a package in the mail with two lengths of fabric, one black and one grey as requested.  My guess is that Sherri of Michaels's Fabrics hand picked them herself because they are absolutely gorgeous.  I am flabbergasted by the amazing customer service I've received from these folks.  They went well above and beyond what would be expected to correct a simple oversight.  I can't recommend them enough and I look forward to doing business with them again. 

I want to clarify this post right off the bat - there was a problem with my order but Michael and Sherri at Michael's Fabrics have bent over backwards to make it right for me.  I would definitely do business with them again.

Yes, I am easily persuaded.  I read about a lot of folks ordering fabric online and have tried to stay away because of shipping costs.  I finally decided to bite the bullet and ordered a special package of knits from Michael's Fabrics in Baltimore, Maryland.  In case you can't read it the ad says:

We just purchased a grouping of knits from a high fashion designer. We have 2-4 yards cuts, assorted colors and assorted quality. These are lovely quality knits. We are selling these knits in bundles -- 20, 30, 40, 50 yards and up. They are $4.75/yard. The bundles are assorted colors and assorted quality. We are unable to fill special requests for the bundles. We only have a very limited amount of yardage available.

Well.  I decided to try a 20 yard package and hope for the best with my "surprise package".  The shipping was incredibly fast.  They shipped it on Tuesday and I had it at my doorstep on Thursday.  That is unheard of.  

I opened the package and found five lengths of various coloured knits.  The first thing I thought was that the beige knit would make a fabulous cardigan (I was right!).  The beige and the winter white are both a fine, drapey knit.  The red and the navy are slightly heavier knits and the royal blue is a ponte knit.  There is no fabric information with these, but I knew that ahead of time from speaking with Michael when I placed my order.  Next I took each piece and measured it.  I found a small sticker on each piece that stated the yardage (the larger papers in the pic are my measurements).  The Royal blue piece in front was only five feet long - short a full 12".  Not good.  Then I did the math and realized I am short overall by about 4 yards.  Really not good!

I called the store right away and spoke with Michael.  He couldn't have been more apologetic and it was obvious that he was sincere in wanting to make it right.  Then his partner Sherri called me right back.  She, too, was very apologetic and offered not only a generous refund but will also be shipping additional fabric even though I said that is not necessary.  I have to say that I don't often come across customer service this good.  I do understand that oversights can happen and I am willing to let them fix this.  

Because this is the first time I have ever bought fabric online my first instinct was to be totally put off by the whole experience, but after speaking with Michael and Sherri I feel that I would have no problem buying from them again.  I will update this post once this matter is completely resolved.

Now I just have to decide what to make with the rest of these fabrics!


michael Bearman said...

Thank you for letting us know that there was a problem with the order . I hope you are happy with the way we dealt with the problem , Your business is very important to me . If you are ever close to Baltimore or anyone that reads. This , If they can come into our store ,we will give them a 25% discount , just mention this post to me , Michael. Thanks 410. 493. 8918. A. Fabric. Place. 6324. Falls. Road. Baltimore. Maryland. 21209

Claire S. said...

I'm not surprised at the service. I ordered a bundle a while back and like you, was concerned about the shipping (Quebec). I couldn't tell you how long I spent on the phone with Sherri who was SO helpful ! This knit bundle is tempting me but I have no room to put it LOL

Jacqui said...

Claire, shipping costs to us here in Canada are brutal! When I first placed the order Michael offered to confirm shipping costs with me before finalizing the order. They are such a wonderful business to deal with.

Susan Anfang said...

I don't order much fabric on line either (I'm in Toronto) but it's good to know your experience! I'm curious how much the shipping was & where are you in Ontario?

Jacqui said...

Susan I think my shipping charges were about U.S.$54. You can calculate your shipping charges at with an estimated weight. My first package (the fabrics shown in the pic) weighed 12 pounds.

You probably have quite a few fabric stores in Toronto. I live in Windsor. My only local choice for fashion fabric is Fabricland. I haven't ventured to Michigan yet for fabric shopping but I need to look into that.